sky carpet

by atrabillions

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recorded, mixed and mastered by clayton segelov at the brain studios surry hills, july-august 2014.


released August 28, 2014



all rights reserved


atrabillions Sydney, Australia

andrew formica - guitars/noise
brendan jordan - keys/vocals
matthew jordan - drums

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Track Name: hungry like ted bundy
we start to float over the same mystery i fall inside all the time.
the blind lead the blind.
land mines where we slip through the fence.
sweet bravery can you save me?
pretend we're open wide tying knots with the lines of time the twist of the wires and life.
Track Name: blue: the eight dimension
fate writes his plans on paper,
time holds no more answers.
steal the disguise from the panther,
bite with teeth like razors, taste it.
catch the truth and bind it, find out why it's dying out...
now i feel tragic.

i wanted to breathe the life you gave up.
feel how this feels, change what we made.
i am the ghost in the smoke,
you are the dose to trim what we know,
i am the only one strong enough.
what do we have when upside down?
you're found so you can't be free.

don't pull me in two i'm only softly glued.
i fear the dream's too easily exposed...
go take her home or she'll die out here in the wild shaking from defeat, pushing down delete.

waking the golden smile.
open mouth.
breathing the mist in.
discover the teeth behind the lips snapping at me, blowing you down.

it slithered from the most twisted fantasy to puncture holes inside of your conscience.
the dividing line between the sides blurs and weeps inside of your mind.
it will fight to the death just to tear apart the fabric of life without compromise.
the chimera that longs to take flight will only flee into the black abyss of night.
obsessed with the distances of our future the dust of the past will camouflage your existence,
its too late to remember why because time has stolen all of my memories of you.

if our eyes saw only lies how could we comprehend the truth?
Track Name: night vision romance
i suppose i'll keep trying to find my heart inside this hard drive.
anytime i see the light the shadows pull me into the shallows repeatedly mutilating me.
sometimes i'll look down and find: lost my mind.
it's too late to realise i've only ever thought about you.

the dark inside the glow; you're oblivious i know.
why is it never enough to only have yourself to love?
cause every time i see you smile i'll be happy for a while,
but i'm breaking my back and as i walk i fall in the cracks.

you're all that i see through the haziness of distance.
my entire existence fixated on the difference between my disappointment and your brilliance.